The Mobile Outage Warehouse is custom configured to meet your specific requirements and outage needs. No longer do you need to climb up and over pallets searching for a specific item. The Mobile Outage Warehouse maintains an open aisle providing easy access to desired products. A detailed inventory and packing list identifies the location of stored products. Items are secured to ensure the load does not shift during transport. Following site delivery, the Lynx Mobile Outage Warehouse is quickly and easily set up for supplying the needs of your workers.


Specific Inventory Requirements can be adjusted to meet your unique requirements and outage needs. 

Features of trailers Lynx provide

  • 33 foot Car-haulers
  • 43 – 53 Foot Semi Trailers
  • 20-40 foot Sea-land containers.
  • Inside of the trailers are illuminated
  • Electrical outlets are standard
  • All items are strapped to avoid movement during transportation.
  • Shelves are clearly identified with labels.
  • All trailers can be locked.

Monthly Tracking Inventory

Alerts on low and out-of-stock inventory items.  Helps you identify inventory usage and trends while providing quantifiable asset valuation for your physical on-hand inventory.

Products on the shelves clearly labeled.


Replenishing Inventory:   
 Lynx will be replenished on a customer agreed time interval.


We will invoice to bi-weekly or monthly.


Detailed spreadsheet of monthly usage will be provided.  If needed appropriate summary reports can be furnished on a monthly or quarterly basis.

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