Booties 17” Polyethlene
19-SPE1415-YW, Booties 17” Polyethlene, YELLOW Layflat # 17, 400 pair/cs 15 Inches
Booties 15” Polyethlene
19-SPE1415-YW, Booties 15” Polyethlene, YELLOW Layflat # 15, 400 pair/cs 15 Inches
The following characteristics are common to all Lynx Supply LATEX Tiger Paw Shoe covers.   Material: The shoe covers are slush molded 99% Natural Latex rubber with a minimum of 1% process aids.  Shoe covers are case-hardened using a chlorinating...
Rubber Shoe Cover 19-1560-OR
19-1560 OR, Shoecover Orange Disposable 30MLTB # 1560S, 100 pair/cs; XL
Rubber Shoe Cover 19-1550-YW
19-1550-YW, Shoecover Yellow Disposable 30MLTB # 1550S, 100 pair/cs; Large
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