These planchets are ideal for evaporating samples and using in counters. We stock planchets in all sizes and shapes, aluminum and stainless steel. A planchet is a round metal disk used to evaporate samples in a laboratory setting. An older word for...
Swipes/Smear are attached directly to water proof siliconized record folder. Material Cotton folder size 3"x4-1/2" swipe size 1-3/4" packaged 250/box part #11-RC5BCTF250-00 250 count box
Smear/Swipe #11-SWD500 1-3/4" Die Cut cotton/ cut through 500 per bag. Attached directly to waterproof siliconized peel off disc.
Smear/ Swipe attached directly to waterproof siliconized record folders easy peel off tack. Folder size 2-5/8" x 3-3/4" Swipe/Smear size is 1-3/4" 500 per box 11-00000000500-00 Material: Cotton
Piggy Back Smear 85SS2005SM
Piggy Back Smear 11-00085SS2005SM 500 per box 90-00085SS2005SM 250 per box Material: Cotton
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